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the_marching_52's Journal

Hurray for Band!
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Hurray for the BCHS Band! In an effort to make all of us loverly band geeks closer, this community was formed! Like the band, it may be small at first, but it will groooow and become absotively wonderful, yay!

So. If you're a current, former, or future BCHS band geek, join away and post about your love for the band. Or something. YAY!


Future Events: (Since our band site seems to be GONE.. I'll post some stuff here to remind our lovelies.)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005: Graduation practice; 2:45-3:45
Thursday, May 19, 2005: Graduation Ceremony (for c/o 2005!!! *cough* That's TAY! *cough*)

Tay, Moderator/First Year Flautist