Katy (underground1288) wrote in the_marching_52,


Okay...since I'm doing this for Westly and have already done it for a lot of other people, I have a ton of pictures from this year. My dad love taking pictures and trying to figure out the new camera (especially the zome!) and so he took a ton of pictures. I have pictures of the following events:

1) Homecoming Game
2) OLPH Parade
3) A few of the football games (All away, except for homecoming)
4) Mardi Gras
5) Band Trip (I have a lot of those coming from other people...not my own or my dad's...just a ton from other people...)
6) Art's Festival
7) Band Awards Day

So if anyone wants any pictures from any of these events or of a certain person or of yourself, just leave a comment and I'll send them to you. And no it doesn't matter how much...I'll get them to you eventually. Oh and I have a few of the newspaper pictures too so I can scan those if anyone wants them. And I have a couple from last year's band trip as well for the people that went...not many though. Okay talk to everyone later!

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