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A smashing, lacking performance all!

Good job folks. Though Ancient Voices was a bit more rushed then normal, otherwise things went well. I would like to say to all, even though the year is not over, that it has been a pleasent year with everyone having their ups and downs. Well, it is high time I did this...

List of Apologetic Statments to my fellow band members and others.

1- To begin with, I am going to aplogise to the band as a whole. I am sorry that I have been an ass to you all, and well, yeah that is kind of self explanitory.
2- Katy, I am sorry that things weren't exactly heaven sent, and that your family has been sick/injured/or anything else. I am sorry that I am a complete and utter jerk, I normally do not mean to be, but with all the stuff, end of the year, idiots who can't shut the hell up( Josh Bruhn!). I am sorry that I am standing with my desicion, but that is just nature, not even Communism can change human nature.
3- I am sorry Marry, yeah that is right everyone, I am apologising, something that none of you seem to have had the balls to do, I am sorry that no one tends to care about you, or if you are alright. I am sorry that people cannot have the wit to take you seriously, but I am also sorry that you are to paranoid to try and play your insturment. You can be an amazing player if you really tried. I am sorry, but I will admit to making fun of you, at least of your playing. Chin up, and face the world!
4- I am sorry, actually, I feel sorry for the following people because they are completly ignorant dicks, on levels one cannot even imagine, thus I also apologise for their behavior and lesser intellect. These people are, Josh Bruhn, Cody Mayo, Greg Pichoff. Yes and I hope they all get to read this.
5- I would like to apologise to my parents. Yeah, you brought me into this world and all, and I take your trust for granted at times. I know that I use langauge that you do not tend to appreciate, or approve of. I am also sorry that I am not such a good child as I used to be.
6- I am sorry, yeah this is a big one, to the whole damned world. I am sorry that we cannot be a utopia and that we are all in a constant power struggle that no one tends to be winning. I am sorry that we have completly screwed over the ecosystems that were in place beforeour time. I am sorry that people die every day becuase someone else decided it just fit. I am sorry that the only way to get ahead in life has become to lie, cheat, or kill to get past the other guy. I am sorry that no one is ever really pollitically correct. I am sorry that politics have decided to decide how to run a worl din which people had done well in for so long with out the governing bodies. I am sorry that there is such strife, and sorry that I am only adding to it. I am sorry that I am somewhat unable to take action to try and change the situation.
7- I am sorry, I am sorry to those I hurt without seeming to notice. I am sorry that I pretend not to notice your pain. I am sorry that perfection is only found after death. I am sorry that death is sometimes forced upon those that we love the most. I am sorry that I cannot change the world for the better, and I am sorry that I do not seem to change the general area I am in for the better either.
8- I am sorry that it took so long for me to say so little, but hopefully someone out there understands that I am indeed sorry for the things that are, the way they are, and the way they are probably going to be years down the line.
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