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 Alright, banders.  I need two favors. 


I know you all have instant messenger, and I know that we banders all chat with each other constantly over it. 

So I need a favor.  I'd muchly appreciate it if everyone would post the AIM s/ns of all the band members that she knows. 

Here, I'll even do mine:

BlackMclr14-- April the flautist
Kittytrain 316-- Caitlin the drummer
babeoramaty-- Christal the flautist
FrgttnFrie-- Emily the flautist
heatherhoney0520-- Heather the flautist
Slayer70037-- JJ the clarinetist
IfGodHadPudding-- Josh the tenor drummer
TBagg87-- Kalan the trumpet player and drum major
Pooka1288-- Katy the flautist
koolaid101590-- Brad the clarinet player
Militarybratryn-- Ryn the melophone/French horn player
supermanSrf7-- Robert the trombone player
pianom14-- Ronald the Melodics Master
BlackviperSword-- Steven the bass clarinet player
m0sh 4 jezus-- Tay the flautist
TheTank1221-- Nick the drummer
cornflake496n-- Tony the tenor sax player
MessiahofCheez-- Westly the snare drummer!

And that's all I have.  I have a few people's Y! names, but .. yeah. 


Band members.  Beloved friends.  Beautiful young people.

I know I shouldn't generalize the problem like this, including everyone (for, there are exceptions), but it's just easier this way.

You guys really, really need to learn how to type.  All of you are in the 8th grade or up, a good many highschoolers.  I know that it's not cool or efficient time-wise to type properly, to spell or, by the gods, use punctuation!  But--but!--this is important.  You really have no ideas how horribly unintelligent and uneducated you look when you do it, so I don't blame you.

typeing liek tish bcuz it iz ez n fun iz not cool, ok???

Neither is this:  i luv u 4 evar n evar 2!!

No.  Please.  Let's just STOP this madness before it's too late.

Do me a favor, lovelies.  Type correctly.  Capitalize, punctuate, spell as best you can, and if you have a question, consult a dictionary!  Or me!  I'm always glad to help with these things.  I know my stuff isn't perfect, but I try.  English nerd, you know, I have to.

I'll use an example! 

hi u guyz today was fun really  i went to school as usual booorrring lolzlolz  u know how much i hate mr. richardss he is such an asshole i mena yea. 

my mom iz making me get offa the comp now u guyz byyyye!!!11111


Hi, everybody!!  Today was awesome fun, really.  I went to school, as usual--boring!  lol  You know how much I hate Mr. Richards.  God, he is SUCH an asshole, you know?

Uh oh!  My mo is making me get off of the computer now.  Ouch.  Bye!!

Doesn't that look much better?

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