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I'm in a good mood, so I'll go ahead and post what I promised locke70037 (J.J):

Now, I know that each and every one of you is just falling over, anxious to become a revered Disciple.  The requirement is 950 points.  This is how you earn them.

1.  Write a note--20 pts
2.  Carry my shit--5 pts
3.  Compliments--2-5 pts, depending on how good
4.  Referring to me as The Almighty Tay--5 pts
5.  Telling me what we did in World Geography (love you, JJ)--5 pts
6.  Feeding me--105 pts

Other good deeds and random acts of love get points, too, you know.

Emily:  145
JJ:  105
Westly:  34 1/2 (demerits every time you STEAL MY SHIT)
Crystal:  237

Ta daaaa!!!
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